THINSCAPE™ Countertop Solutions

THINSCAPE Performance Tops feature 12 new elegant designs in an on-trend European-inspired “thin” profile. The perfect complement to today’s thinner cabinet profiles, thin countertops are trending in residential kitchens everywhere.

Highly durable and versatile, THINSCAPE’s slim 1/2″ construction offers impact-, scratch- and moisture-resistance that performs well beyond what comparable products can achieve.


First, we would like to thank you for choosing to have your new countertops installed by Lumbermen’s Counter Solutions. Our teams of employee owners look forward to serving you!

You will be contacted directly by one of our template technicians on the day your countertops are scheduled to be measured to verify their arrival time. Please review and complete this simple but important checklist before they arrive to ensure an efficient and accurate template experience.

Your Template Experience

  • Please remove all objects or construction material from the top of cabinets. If existing countertops are in place, remove all household items. Your technician will require an unobstructed view of the fronts of cabinets and walls to develop the drawing that will be used for the fabrication of your countertops.
  • If you are not using a Counter Solutions sink, please make sure your sink is on site. If it will be under mounted, we will most likely be taking the sink back to our shop to measure it and ensure a perfect fit.
  • If you are using a farm/apron sink, we require that it is installed prior to templating.
  • Ensure faucets and all other fixtures (soap, water purifier, disposal switch) on site for templating. If this is not possible, please be prepared to provide fixture specifications and to discuss number of holes and locations in which they need to be drilled.
  • Be prepared to supply the make and model numbers of new stoves and cooktops. If you are using exisiting appliances, make sure they are on site for us to verify dimensions.
  • A “decision maker” will need to be on site to assist in making any final choices required for sizing or design. We understand that most of these decisions and selections have already been made in participation with your salesperson, designer or builder, however, we appreciate the opportunity to doublecheck information before your countertops go into production.

Just as on your scheduled template day, your installation team will contact you with information pertaining to their arrival time. Please prepare accordingly by following these steps to assist in a safe and successful countertop installation.

Your Install Experience

  • Coordinate the removal of existing countertops. If Counter Solutions is scheduled to do the removal of your existing countertops, we ask that you clear out the contents of the lower cabinets. While our team pays great attention to keeping mess to a minimum, some dust or debris from your existing countertops may fall into cabinets while we are removing them. This also allows the team to conduct cleaning during and upon completion of your installation.
  • Clear any construction material or tools from cabinets so our team is ready to carry
    countertops in when they arrive.
  • Disconnect any water, gas or electrical lines. This would include an existing sink or an existing cooktop. Our Counter Solutions Team members have been instructed to avoid disturbing any existing plumbing, gas or electric lines as they are not licensed plumbers or electricians.
  • Remove top drawers of cabinets so our installation team has access to the underside of the new countertops. If this proves for any reason to be too difficult, your installation team will be happy to assist.
  • Provide a safe and unobstructed route from where our team will park their vehicle to where your countertops will be installed. This would include snow and ice removal, removal of construction related material and furniture if the situation requires. Whatever could be done to coordinate easy access to the room where the work is being done is appreciated and your install team will communicate and assist where needed.
  • Appliances, new and existing, must be onsite for the installation of your new countertops. Your installation team will need access to all appliances in order to verify the sizes of cooktop cutouts, stove and fridge openings.
  • A “decision maker” will also need to be onsite during your installation to assist with any minor questions your installers may have. Your installation team may require further information if faucet holes need to be drilled or if they have any questions that may help to ensure your satisfaction. We would also appreciate your time to review and approve of the work once the installation has been completed.

Edge Profiles

THINSCAPE™ Sink Reveals

Sink choice may have an effect on availability of reveal.

Quartz Overhang Reveal

Overhang Reveal (Standard)

The countertop edge overhangs to cover the inside edge of the sink.

Quartz Radius Reveal

Radius Reveal

The countertop edge sits back to expose the radius edge detail of the sink.